Safe-T Ring

Safe-T Ring Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector


Safe-T Ring is a non-contact voltage sensor that detects voltage in outlets, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers, wires, switches and cables. Stonepier handled all elements of this product’s creation. Product design, naming, branding, packaging, e-commerce website and also setting up the Amazon store.

Features that were incorporated as part of the design process were packaging a rechargeable Lithium battery within the shell, a audio warning in addition to LED indicators and creating a system of flexible interchangeable ring bands to accommodate different sized fingers.

The Safe-T Ring is available at and on Amazon

Duracell Packaging


Stonepier designed the full packaging range for Duracell Flashlights working within the corporate standards of Duracell and adapting them for multiple applications and tailoring them for different product lines.

We also designed and styled many of the lights within the product range.

Passage Foods


Worked with Passage Foods to develop a new line of packages to add to their range of Stir-Fry and Simmer sauces for the North American market. Developed imagery, iconography, color palette and graphics.

In addition to packaging, Stonepier also works closely with Passage on marketing materials, merchandising  and trade show displays to support their marketing efforts.